HALEY PHARO BIO                                                                            PDF VERSIONPop, rock, and dance artist-singer-songwriter, HALEY PHARO will release her self-titled debut album April 8 on Haywire Records. Though her name may be new to the public, for PHARO– who is just 25, having been onstage since she was 8, writing songs since she was 11 and recording since she was 13–it’s been quite the Journey.  “I was waiting for ’that moment’, where I knew who I was, and what I wanted to say as an artist…you know that ‘light blub’ moment we all hope to come too in anything we strive to achieve.’” says PHARO about beginning work on her debut album, produced by the multi-Grammy Award winning Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, John Legend, Beyoncé).  “The moment” came when she was in the studio with King Logan (of Timbaland’s production crew) working on the preview track “Con Artist.” PHARO recalls thinking: “I want my record to have this kind of feel.”  The song is indeed characteristic of the powerful, confessional, and infectious pop presented on PHARO’s forthcoming disc, which finds the artist unabashedly vulnerable and endearingly sassy. “In that song, I was saying what I wanted to say exactly how I wanted to say it,” she reveals, “I could never have done when I was a teenager”

Nonetheless, HALEY PHARO has been pursuing her muse with precocious focus for some time.  At seven, she saw a fellow camper sing “My Favorite Things” at a talent show, then reasoned, “If she can do that here, I want to do that everywhere.” There weren’t many professional singing opportunities for children in Dallas, however, PHARO found some like minded teens and developed her chops singing with various Dallas’ites like Ryan Cabrera, Kevin McHale, Hunter Parrish and Demi Lovato the group would perform around the local malls, and pass the time with them seeing the latest movies and just hanging out.

PHARO’S ambition next asserted itself in her choice of vocal coaches: “I loved Michael Jackson’s singing, so I decided I had to work with his vocal coach.  I went online and found out that his name was Seth Riggs.  I begged my father to call him, I was just like 13 years old, most parents would be like…whatever, but my dad called and set up an audition”. Auditioning over the phone.  Impressed by what he’d heard, Riggs said, “If you can get to Los Angeles, I’ll train you.”  “So, we went to L.A.,” PHARO reports, noting, “I have the most supportive parents in the world.”

PHARO would return to Los Angeles frequently thereafter and eventually make her home there.  On one visit, she was recruited by a family friend to sing in a choir Michael Jackson was forming to entertain fans at Neverland Ranch.  While she was in the studio recording with the group, Jackson was video-chatting with the producer.  “Michael happened to hear my voice,” she says, “and pulled me out to layer some vocals.  I just kept saying to myself, ‘This is not happening.’ ‘This is not happening.’”  It did happen, though, on the song “From the Bottom of My Heart,” which remains in the treasure trove of unreleased Jackson tracks.

Beginning to set roots in Los Angeles, PHARO met a young backup singer for Justin Timberlake, who became a friend and later invited her to record some of her material.  “It was at a makeshift pre-production studio, nothing fancy,” she says.  “But that didn’t make it any less exciting.”  If she needed further confirmation of her direction in life, cutting those three songs was it because from there, PHARO would go on to befriend and collaborate with a who’s who of musical talent, including will.i.am, whom she met backstage when the Black Eyed Peas were touring with Timberlake.  “I just stumbled onto a really cool path and ended up getting to know some great people along the way,” she says.

PHARO now comfortably settled in the Los Angeles world of music decided it was time to find a producer to combine all these years of work into her first record. Threw friend she found industry support if the form of management who would help her define her years of work into a bebut, guidance that would bring Andrew Dawson on board to finally craft her songs into a cohesive first effort. Once recording was finished with recording with Andrew Dawson, there were still some styles of tracks that PHARO felt were needed to round out her sound. So she enlisted long-time music veterans David Palmer and Chuck Kentis, to add a cinematic and sparsely emotional side to the record, by the end of 2013, three new tracks were born and the record was complete.




King Logan continued to work with Haley and the duo co-wrote three tracks that appear on the record, “Con Artist”, “Prisoner and “Waiting On You”. In King also produced “Waiting On You” and the mix was dialed in by Joe Zook (Katy Perry, P!nk, One Direction).

Three songs from Pharo’s album – “One Eye Open”, “Missing” and “Your Darling” come from a co-writing and production collaboration with long-time music veteran’s David Palmer, a founding member of ABC, who also teamed up with Johnny Marr and Matt Johnson (The The) for the bands chart topping record “Dusk” which reached #2 in the uk album charts, and currently David is drumming for legend, Rod Stewart. Along with his Composer/Producing partner, Chuck Kentis (Rod Stewart, Tina Turner) to bring additional cinematic element to the record. The track “Double Deep”– bears Roy Hamilton’s stamp, who’s produced tracks for Britney Spears, among other luminaries.  Other contributors to the disc include, Travis Garland (NLT) and Jordan Gatsby (JoJo), and JD Salbego.  Haley continues to also collaborate and write with Grammy-winning Black Eyed Peas drummer Keith Harris, Mark Wineburg (Matt Nathanson), Jason Karaban (Lucy Schwartz), and 2013 Grammy nominated Eric Robinson (Taylor Swift) as well as Jim Beanz (Timbaland), J. Mizzle (Timbaland), for future records. An alternate version of one of her upcoming releases is “Love Hangover,” which comes from an unlikely teaming of indie-rock guys–Nick White (keyboardist with Bright Eyes and Omaha’s acclaimed Tilly and the Wall) and Buddy, front man for the highly regarded L.A. indie rock band of the same name.  “It’s really moody and kind of gritty, totally different from anything I’ve ever done,” she attests.

Pulling together the far-flung manifestations of PHARO’s creativity has been Andrew Dawson, winner of Grammy Awards for his work on Kanye West’s Graduation and Late Registration, both of which were named “Best Rap Album.” Dawson’s contributions on fun.’s record “Some Nights” addedyetanother Grammy to his collection. Andrew has made some of my favorite records,” PHARO points out.  “Being able to sit down with him and pick his brain has been one of the greatest opportunities of my life.  He was really the missing piece I needed to connect all the dots of this record.”

HALEY will be previewing more songs in 2014 in Los Angeles and beyond. “I want people to walk away from listening to my music and feel empowered, inspired” says PHARO. ““I try and make music that people can relate to, songs that remind them that they aren’t alone. Within each track, there is a story to be told and it’s usually one that most of us collectively share. So, if I’ve done my job as a songwriter, I’ve shared my experience directly into the heart of the listener, but it’s now also their story, an exchange of emotions.”


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